Restart Academy Curriculum

Mastering the basic skills of starting and running a business begins with the fundamentals. 

Our instructors have been in your shoes. They’ve built their own businesses or served as consultants to business large and small.

And now they are here to help you master the skills that are critical for you to build your own successful enterprise.

Current Courses

Lesson 1: Making a Fresh Start

A typewriter with Chapter 1 - My New Life typed.

Starting fresh can be hard, especially when the past is still haunting you. This module looks at the process you need to go through to leave the past behind and successfully start a new enterprise.



Lesson 2: Channeling Your Inner Entrepreneur

A female entrepreneur ponders a diagram on a chalkboard

As you start thinking about a new business venture, it’s important to rediscover that inner entrepreneur that made you want to start a business in the first place.



Lesson 3: Building a Strategic Mindset

A red block points the way in a sea of other blocks

Building a successful business requires a strategic mindset that allows you to see the big picture and make decisions that will benefit your business over the long term.



Lesson 4: Creating a Winning Pitch

TV pitch man selling detergent

Whether you’re closing a sale, securing investment or seeking a new partner, your pitch is your currency. In this lesson, we cover all the basics of making a killer pitch.



Lesson 5: Giving Your Business a Facelift

A designer looks at color palettes and wood trim

From a fresh coat of paint to new operational strategies, we’ll show you how to give your business a facelift that will increase revenue, reduce costs and attract new customers.



Lesson 6: Creating a 24/7 Sales Machine

A shopping cart filled with boxes for delivery.

Roughly 230 million Americans use the Internet to make purchasing decisions. Learn how easy it is to integrate a website and ecommerce into your marketing and sales strategy.



 Lesson 7: Rebuilding Trust

A free climber scales a mountain face

This lesson examines ways to rebuild trust with your employers, customers and other stakeholders in the wake of a global pandemic.



Lesson 8: Scaling Your Workforce

A job application open on a laptop

Rebuilding is an excellent time to build flexibility into your staffing needs, from identifying gaps and reassessing needs to finding the right candidates.



Lesson 9: Knowing When to Grow

Plants grow in larger and larger pots filled with coins

Learn how to achieve exponential growth in a dynamic environment, including knowing when and how to grow.



Lesson 10: Access to Capital

An accountant calculates a business's profit and loss.

Restarting or rebuilding an existing business is far more capital intensive than a startup. In Lesson 10 we’ll explore some of the options that may be open to you.



Lesson 11: Tapping a Global Marketplace

An export stamp lies on top of an invoice

Nearly three-quarters of the world’s buying power is overseas. In this lesson, we walk you through the ins and outs of a successful exporting strategy.



Lesson 12: Exit, Stage Left

A man tries to find his way out in a maze.

At some point, you may decide it’s time to move on. We’ll walk you through the various options, from a quick fire sale to creating a lasting legacy.



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