The Startup Washington team has created several publications to help you start, grow and protect your small business every step of the way. These publications can be viewed interactively online or you can download and print them out.

When Disaster Strikes
A Crisis Planner for Small Businesses

A disaster or crisis can strike anytime. With proper planning, you won’t have to fight a fire in your business as you’ll already know where all the fire extinguishers are after reading this tutorial and following its simple, proven steps.

Startup Wisdom
27 Strategies for Raising Business Capital

From time tested strategies to the latest in crowdfunding, this guide will help any entrepreneur, startup or small business tap new sources for funding growth and expansion.

Washington Dollars, Washington Sense

Innovative strategies for investing locally, from farmer’s markets to hometown banks. Lots of great ideas for small communities that think big.

Washington Innovations & Inventions

Maybe it’s our pioneer spirit. Or our restless minds that create such amazing products and services. From the bass guitar and Pictionary to life-saving bone marrow transplantation, Washington is a hotspot for innovation and invention.