Rebuild My Business

Endless hours have gone into starting your business. Now you need to start all over again. To help you navigate the process and reduce costly errors, we’ve put together resources to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

COVID-19 Back-to-Work Planner (Reopening)

If your business had to close because of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders, this planner will walk you through the process of reopening and getting your house in order once the state says it is O.K. to do so. All that’s missing is the “Yes, We’re Open” sign for your front door. Should you need to suspend operations in a second wave, we have that covered too in our

COVID-19 Second Wave Planner (Suspending or Reducing Operations)

As infection rates fluctuate, counties may need to return temporarily to a previous phase or modified phase per the Governor’s phased approach to managing the pandemic. This planner walks businesses large and small through the process of reducing or suspending their operations.

The Business Startup Playbook

If you’re starting a new endeavor, The Playbook will serve as a good reminder of best practices, with lots of helpful “how-tos” and linked resources. If you’re reopening an existing business, skip ahead to the Quarterback Calls section for some solid pro tips.


If you need to make adjustments to your game plan, SizeUp offers sophisticated diagnostic tools that will help you refine your business model, identify competitors, find suppliers, develop advertising strategies and more. Run and refine as many scenarios as you want, optimize the one that works for you and run compare them against the competition.


An online, searchable map of workspaces, co-working spaces, maker spaces, incubators, accelerators and commercial kitchens where you can start your business.

Startup Wisdom: 27 Strategies for Raising Capital

Money makes the world go round and this free book has traditional and creative ways to secure financing, from crowdfunding to little known grant programs

Access to Capital

We’ve compiled a list of angel investors, venture capitalists and local investing organizations (LIONS) to help you find money to launch your new enterprise.

Entrepreneur Resources

We’ve scoured the Internet to find helpful articles, resources and how-tos on everything from mentorship and networking organizations to technical assistance.

Restart Academy (coming early 2021)

Rebuilding and restarting a business is hard work, especially the second or third time around. This series of videos, workbooks and assignments will help you achieve focus, make informed decisions, take advantage of new market opportunities and re-energize.

Property & Site Search

Does your business need a new space in rebuilding mode? Find a the right space using our intuitive property search engine that allows you to narrow and refine your search.

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