About Us

This site is managed by the Washington State Department of Commerce’s Office of Economic Development & Competitiveness and serves as a clearinghouse for all the information and resources entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses need to achieve success, including funding sources, training and technical assistance, mentorship, education and information.

Rural and small business economic development work is housed in the OEDC’s Rural, Small Business & Marketing Programs unit.
It is composed of the following core team members:

Robb Zerr, Managing Director of Rural, Small Business & Marketing Services
Lynn Longan, Manager, Rural & Small Business Team
Susan Nielsen, Small Business Program Manager, Eastern Washington
Linda Alongi, Education & Training Program Manager

Project partners include:

Diana Divens, Contracts Manager
Brian Hatfield, Director of Economic Development, Forest Products Sector
Evan Wendlandt, Business Development Manager
Sarah Lee, Opportunity Zones Manager
Alex Harper, Brand & Creative Manager
Andrea Rohr, Production Manager
Stephen Dunk, Outreach Team Manager
Julia Havens, Outreach Team
JB Bennis, Outreach Team

The Department of Commerce is committed to strengthening communities and growing local economies that celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit, provide the necessary infrastructure to support growth and expansion, have the right mix of services and programs to support intelligent economic development and offer families a safe place to live, work and play.