Focusing on organic job growth in communities statewide.

It’s a hard lesson some communities must learn along the way. A big company leaves, and with it jobs. Hopes of a new employer coming to town are dashed by intense competition and deep pockets. In need of work, people move away, and when they do, the very soul of the community withers and wastes away.

But there is a way to retain that intellectual wealth and economic vitality. By focusing on entrepreneurship and small businesses, communities can flourish organically, creating jobs, filling empty storefronts and keeping future generations engaged and in residence.

Spearheaded by the Washington State Department of Commerce’s Business Services Division, the state’s new Startup 365 Washington strategy is designed to keep economic and intellectual wealth in communities throughout Washington. The strategy has not only gained the support of local economic developers, but is part of Governor Inslee’s long-term economic development efforts to create more jobs statewide.

Our goal with Startup 365 Washington is to re-energize these communities with the entrepreneurial spirit, whether they are small towns or major urban centers. Technology allows people to live and work where they want to these days and it is Startup 365’s goal to  provide the tools, resources, education and training needed to start a business anywhere in the state. Entrepreneurship is not just about education; it’s about successful adulthood.

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book-startup-communities1An essential guide to building supportive entrepreneurial communities “startup communities” are popping up everywhere, from cities like Boulder to Boston and even in countries such as Iceland. These types of entrepreneurial ecosystems are driving innovation and small business energy. Startup Communities documents the buzz, strategy, long-term perspective and dynamics of building communities of entrepreneurs who can feed off of each other’s talent, creativity and support.

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Carl Adrian

blog-adrianCarl Adrian has been President of the Tri-City Development Council (TRIDEC) since 2003. Carl comes to TRIDEC from the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area of Iowa, where he served as President of the Cedar Valley Economic Development Corporation since 1994.

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