Focusing on organic job growth in communities statewide.

It’s a hard lesson some communities must learn along the way. A big company leaves, and with it jobs. Hopes of a new employer coming to town are dashed by intense competition and deep pockets. In need of work, people move away, and when they do, the very soul of the community withers and wastes away.

But there is a way to retain that intellectual wealth and economic vitality. By focusing on entrepreneurship and small business growth, communities can flourish organically, creating jobs, filling empty storefronts and keeping future generations engaged and in residence.

Spearheaded by the Washington State Department of Commerce’s Business Services Division, the state’s new Startup 365 Washington program is designed to keep economic and intellectual wealth in communities throughout Washington. It has not only gained the support of local economic developers, but is part of Governor Inslee’s long-term economic development efforts to create more quality jobs statewide.

Our goal with Startup 365 Washington is to re-energize these communities and businesses with the entrepreneurial spirit, whether they are large or small. Technology allows people to live and work where they want to these days and it is Startup 365’s goal to  provide the tools, resources, education and training needed to start, grow and expand a business anywhere in the state. Entrepreneurship is not just about education; it’s about successful adulthood.

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While most people think of July as the month for family vacations, outdoor barbecues or investing in a better air conditioning unit my mind is trying to figure out Medicare enrollment forms.  Yes, this is the month I turn 65. Research tells me that I am just one of... read more

Which comes first…?

When I first entered into this sometimes inscrutable profession of helping communities help themselves, the name of the organization I joined was the Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development. But community developers and economic developers were... read more


book-fail-fast1Great sign of a book:  You want to keep reading.  And it is written so you can put it down, lose your place and start off again anywhere you want and not feel lost.  Sort of resembles life that way.  Are there new ideas under the sun?  Actually, there are, and this author is laying them out for you:  How to choose your right kind of risk and what kinds of failure aren’t fatal to your goals.  His emphasis on speed cannot be minimized and if you need any more proof than what is in this book, maybe you just should, you know, choose another line of work.   He also makes some points about entrepreneur mindset that is fresh and enlivening:  become whatever you want to be.  He thinks nobody is born anything.  That’s worth thinking about.

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Don Wick

don-wick1It is impossible to be in a meeting with Don Wick without being entertained by his witty humor, plays on words or creative rhymes. Spend an evening with him and you will more than likely be singing karaoke or quoting poetry. If only one word could describe Don, it would be “character”.  But that wouldn’t be fair to him. In fact he is more than “a” character.  He is also a man “of” character.  He is smart, passionate, and sincere and he has 28 years or experiences as the Executive Director of the Economic Development Association of Skagit County that will come to an end on July 31, 2015. His resume is endless with successes of recruitments and expansions. Be entertained  one last time as he gives us the not so secret reason why he has been able to leave a lasting impression on his community, the state and everyone he meets.

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