Focusing on organic job growth in communities statewide.

It’s a hard lesson some communities must learn along the way. A big company leaves, and with it jobs. Hopes of a new employer coming to town are dashed by intense competition and deep pockets. In need of work, people move away, and when they do, the very soul of the community withers and wastes away.

But there is a way to retain that intellectual wealth and economic vitality. By focusing on entrepreneurship and small business growth, communities can flourish organically, creating jobs, filling empty storefronts and keeping future generations engaged and in residence.

Spearheaded by the Washington State Department of Commerce’s Business Services Division, the state’s new Startup 365 Washington program is designed to keep economic and intellectual wealth in communities throughout Washington. It has not only gained the support of local economic developers, but is part of Governor Inslee’s long-term economic development efforts to create more quality jobs statewide.

Our goal with Startup 365 Washington is to re-energize these communities and businesses with the entrepreneurial spirit, whether they are large or small. Technology allows people to live and work where they want to these days and it is Startup 365’s goal to  provide the tools, resources, education and training needed to start, grow and expand a business anywhere in the state. Entrepreneurship is not just about education; it’s about successful adulthood.

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book-the-local-economy-solution1The Local Economy Solution:  How Innovative, Self Financing Pollinator Enterprises can Grow Jobs and Prosperity

Michael Shuman is one of our best articulators of the changing dynamic systems of economic development and his activities and books have greatly furthered the success of local economic activities around the world.  Some Washington communities have benefited from his informed and entertaining presentations and his contributions surface everywhere. If our economic development organizations have any self-reflection capabilities, the material he is presenting in this book should spark fantastic heated discussions.  If this book sinks out of sight without a ripple, that too sends a message, albeit a disheartening one.

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Peter Quinn

peter-quinnPeter Quinn has been the  Executive Director of EDC Team Jefferson since December 2011 and has implemented a community sustainable strategy that combines creativity with economic development. Peter wears many hats in combining his community and economic development skills with his passion for entrepreneurship .  He is currently serving as CEO of Quimper Mercantile Company an innovative and community owned general merchandise store in Port Townsend. He is also the co-owner of The Writers’ Workshoppe, a unique  retail and resource company targeted to writers.  His resume  includes being the  former Executive Director of the Northwest Entrepreneur Network.  He is a serial entrepreneur with startups that include a winery in Oregon, a wireless sensor and switching company, an online wine auction company He has directed and managed many technology and communications companies, from Ireland to Seattle, and specializes in strategic thinking, business start-ups, marketing, advertising, product development, and poetry.

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